Shows Directed by Mark Kenward

Wayne Harris

“Mark Kenward is a remarkable performer and a dynamic director/collaborator, and because of that duality he has a unique insight into the world of solo performance.  As a collaborator, he has a great ability to motivate and guide the performer in very tangible ways. His process is both demanding and nurturing while always being aware and sensitive to the needs of the artist….he is a valued resource for me personally as well as a Bay Area treasure.”

TYRONE “SHORT LEG” JOHNSON AND SOME WHITE BOYS, written and performed by Wayne Harris and directed by Mark Kenward, is a blues play backed by a live band.  Winner of “Best of Fringe” honors at the 2012 San Francisco Fringe Festival.



David Caggiano

”It’s a joy working with you Mr. Kenward…You brought me to another level – you are a gem of a director!”

JURASSIC ARK, written and performed by David Caggiano and directed by Mark Kenward, ran for 6 weeks at The Exit.  Winner of “Best of Fringe” honors at the 2012 San Francisco Fringe Festival.

Directed by Mark Kenward with a rip-roaring sense of fantasy that captures and enhances the biting satire in Caggiano’s first solo play, Jurassic Ark is a breathtaking joyride.”  Huffington Post

Writer-performer David Caggiano’s zany, well-executed solo play…smartly directed by Mark Kenward…unfolds with a very cinematic imagination”  SF Bay Guardian

GANGSTERS IN FREAKY LAND, written and performed by David Caggiano and directed by Mark Kenward, recently premiered at the 2017 Edmonton Fringe Festival.



Kurt Bodden

“Thank you for all you’ve done for my show, Mark.  You’ve had a wonderful influence on it, and you’re a pleasure to work with…some of the most enthusiastic response was from people who had seen the show last year or this spring, who marveled at how much better it was – tighter, better paced, more interesting arc.”

STEVE SEABROOK: BETTER THAN YOU, written and performed by Kurt Bodden, and directed by Mark Kenward, ran for six months at The Marsh in San Francisco.

“It is by this thoughtful transitional device, and Mark Kenward’s attentive direction, that a fuller character develops… a sharp and delightfully bizarre satire of the motivational speaker market.”

“Bodden’s Seabrook is a seeming Energizer Bunny boy of cleverly phrase-twisting, vapid advice…with the backstage backstory Bodden and director Mark Kenward smartly intertwine through the show…a generous helping of comedy with perhaps a little enlightenment thrown in as well.”  San Francisco Chronicle

“It helps that “Steve Seabrook” is so well directed by Mark Kenward. The show is impeccably paced, and Bodden’s comic timing is crisp.”  Fresno Bee



Jill Vice

“Thank you to Mark Kenward for his keen eye, contagious enthusiasm and inspiring direction that has stretched me as a performer.”

A FATAL STEP, written and performed by Jill Vice and directed by Mark Kenward, earned rave reviews at fringe festivals in Fresno, Winnipeg, and Indianapolis.  ‘Audience Choice’ Award Winner at Indy Fringe.  Opening January 2018 at The Marsh San Francisco!



Angela Neff

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to work with someone who has the time and enthusiasm for my work. I was really looking for that and am extremely grateful to have found it in you. You really get the piece…you’ve given me the tools and direction to breathe the life into it that I knew was missing yet was unable to get on my own.”

PICNICS AT THE ASYLUM, written and performed by Angela Neff and directed by Mark Kenward, earned rave reviews at fringe festivals in San Francisco, Phoenix, LA, Fresno, and Washington.

“a well-honed show…featuring vivid acting, nicely tailored prose, and a precise gestural vocabulary.”  SF Bay Guardian


Howard Petrick

“I ended up with about 3 and a half hours of material, and I found a director, Mark Kenward, who is really a very good editor, and has taught me a lot about being on stage, and I’ve just worked with him and cut it down to a very fast-paced one hour…It has given me the confidence I needed to take the show out and have fun with it.”

BREAKING RANK, written and performed by Howard Petrick and directed by Mark Kenward, ran for ten weeks at The Marsh in San Francisco.  Winner of the “Outstanding Solo Performance” award at the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

“Petrick plays 20 characters…and each one comes across to the audience as a distinct personality…This performance ranks among the best solo acts that I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend over many years.”  Winnipeg Onstage

NEVER OWN ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO PAINT OR FEED, written and performed by Howard Petrick and directed by Mark Kenward, won “Best of Fest” at the 2014 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

FIGHT FOR 52¢, written and performed by Howard Petrick and directed by Mark Kenward, toured to several fringe festivals in 2016 and 2017.


Erica Lann-Clark

“Mark Kenward: affordable and affable and very smart! As we began to rehearse Believe It Or Not I discovered Mark was also unusually responsive in an out-loud, demonstrative way, so that I felt his audience response. That’s  rare. With Still Shopping For God I discovered Mark’s keen line-edits!  The show lost 20 minutes and gained power, humor, intensity, clarity, high-stake character relationships and focus.  Mark is a friendly, nurturing, companionable, confidence-building, coach/pal. And that’s balm for the soul!  When one of “me” wants to give up, because nobody cares if I do the work – Mark does!”

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, written and performed by Erica Lann-Clark and Olga Loya, and directed by Mark Kenward, played to sold-out audiences at the 2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival.

STILL SHOPPING FOR GOD, written and performed by Erica Lann-Clark and directed by Mark Kenward, received several standing ovations at the 2014 Santa Cruz Fringe Festival.



David Kleinberg

“Mark has been fabulous to work with. He elevated my performance level and deepened and shaped my script. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ve got a tough subject to deal with and he was with me all the way – encouraging, enthusiastic, tough when he had to be, and always available. Even some of his suggestions that I initially resisted turned out to be the right moves – stuff that was beyond me at my best.”

THE VOICE: ONE MAN’S JOURNEY INTO SEX ADDICTION AND RECOVERY, written and performed by David Kleinberg and directed by Mark Kenward, ran for 6 weeks at Stage Werx in San Francisco, as well trips to the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Rogue Festival (Fresno), and the Boulder Fringe Festival.

“It’s a great show, and really well-directed!”  Annie Sprinkle

HEY, HEY, LBJ!, written and performed by David Kleinberg and directed by Mark Kenward, played to sold-out audiences at the 2014 Capital Fringe in Washington, DC, and was awarded an encore performance at the 2014 Boulder Fringe Festival.

“as polished and moving a piece of theater as Capital Fringe is likely to see this year.” Washington Post

RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME, written and performed by David Kleinberg and directed by Mark Kenward premiered in 2017 at fringe festivals in Washington and San Francisco.



Jeremy Julian Greco

“Thanks again for all your direction… this was a great process, great learning experience.”

KEEPING UP WITH THE JORGENSONS, written and performed by Jeremy Julian Greco and directed by Mark Kenward, won Best of Fringe honors at the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival.

“a delightful hour of mirth mixed with adolescent angst brought on by a cast of characters that could make All in the Family, Roseanne, and Married…with Children seem a bit too Disneyfied.” Huffington Post





Steve Budd

WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT LOVE, written and performed by Steve Budd and directed by Mark Kenward, opens at The Marsh Berkeley in February 2018!







David Jacobson

“Man, did I luck out finding the perfect director…You not only gave me my overall play structure and everything from overall character to individual line, word and moment reads to the footwork I needed, but you imbued me with confidence at every step and just the right degree of critical push…I look back in awe at all the work we did and how far the show came since that first afternoon I met with you, when I had an hour and a half of flabby/verbose copy and a buncha’ characters and scenes that were maybe on those pages somewhere…I’ll look back on this as one of the great leaps of my life in terms of committing to what seemed like an impossible task in too short a time frame and pulling off something that I was proud of.”

THEME PARK, written and performed by David Jacobson and directed by Mark Kenward, played to sold-out audiences at the San Francisco, Toronto, and Edmonton Fringe Festivals.

DOGS’ MISERY SWAMP, written and performed by David Jacobson and directed by Mark Kenward, is currently under development in preparation for a fringe tour in 2018.



Houston Robertson

“I am keen on Kenward. What a great director, producer, promoter, and host. Thank you, Mark!”

VICTORY FOR THE RECYCLED VIRGIN, written and performed by Houston Robertson and directed by Mark Kenward, premiered at the 2015 Rogue Festival in Fresno.  







Kathleen Denny

“Thank you for all the work you do – for me, for my show, and for so many other performers. For me, writing is not difficult, but cutting is, and I had absolutely no prior experience in making text stageworthy, so a million thanks for your judgment, your shepherding.”

NICE IS NOT WHAT WE DO, written and performed by Kathleen Denny and directed by Mark Kenward, has toured to several fringe festivals across North America.

FOUR STAR REVIEW “Funny, a wee bit poignant and entirely honest.” Winnipeg Free Press




Victoria Doggett

“Your tremendous support before, during, and after the Rogue Festival was absolutely amazing, and I appreciate it soooooo much. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are perceived as an absolute GEM in our world of performing, directors, and solo shows!”

PHANTOM LIMB, written and performed by Victoria Doggett and directed by Mark Kenward, was presented at The Exit Theatre in San Francisco.





Garen Patterson

“Mark Kenward is  a “Triple A”  Director!  Available: Prompt to communicate and willing to travel, give notes on performances… always there when needed.  Accomplished: A well respected writer and performer, he directs from experience.  Active: Mark is not afraid to jump in and try out his own suggestions (when appropriate), to edit script,  to recommend and even provide performance opportunities.  And more!  His enthusiasm is contagious.  His friendship and support is genuine and stimulating.  His eye and ear for economy of movement and word:  uncanny!  His dedication and work ethic: truly professional!”

BACK AT THE CULT, written and performed by Garen Patterson, and directed by Mark Kenward, will premiere at the 2015 San Francisco Fringe Festival.




Gloria Bromberg

“Your expertise refined the show down to its essence.  It became a better, tighter show as a result.  And I became a better performer.  Thank you for your unwavering support and brilliant direction!”

THIS IS MY BRAIN ON DRUGS, written and performed by Gloria Bromberg, and directed by Mark Kenward, premiered at the 2015 San Francisco Fringe Festival.






Charlie Hinton

“Thanks again for all of your support for Solitary Man, from your suggestion to my Hell in Paradise email to turn it into a solo show, through taking time out of your current schedule to work with me. I can’t tell you how much this means to me,.. Thanks again for your support, time, wisdom, and guidance with this project.”

SOLITARY MAN: MY VISIT TO PELICAN BAY STATE PRISON, written and performed by Charlie Hinton and directed by Mark Kenward, has been performed in theaters and at community & activist events in California, Portland, and New York City.

“Solitary Man is a solo performance that focuses on Charlie’s interactions with one particular inmate, Otis Washington, a 64 year old man who has been incarcerated for over 40 years… The very personal nature of Solitary Man will hopefully have a humanizing effect on the discussions around prison reform, which often focus more on policy than on the very real, personal impact incarceration has on prisoners and their family members.”


Liz Macera

I’VE ACCEPTED EVERYONE’S DEATH BUT MY OWN, written and performed by Liz Macera and directed by Mark Kenward.