“astounding, funny and breathtaking”

Contra Costa Times

“so powerful was his hold on the audience, the only evidence that anyone was even breathing was an occasional gasp.”


“captivating and heart filled…Kenward is masterful”

Edmonton Sun

“a bittersweet testament to the power of imagination & inner strength”

Edmonton Journal

“high intensity scenes with tense arguing were especially thrilling, as he shifted from character to character with seamless precision, never missing a beat.”

Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)

“Kenward is an expert; he knows how to draw in his audience using eye contact,
 movement and body language”

On Stage Ottawa

 “Riveting and hilarious…when summer turns into the bleak gray island winter, the story takes a decidedly dark turn; one that you won’t soon forget.”

Joint Forces Journal

“He was so adept at portraying the various players in his story that he seemed to become them not only in voice and mannerism, but also in appearance…I was hanging off his words and the edge of my seat.”

Apartment 613 (Ottawa)

“An astounding theatrical creation…Kenward has become a master of the form…he is a wonder to watch.”

Oakland Tribune

 “Evocative…maintains an inescapable pull.”

San Francisco Bay Guardian


When Mark was 8 years old his family moved to Nantucket, arriving with all the dreams you would expect of people moving to a famous old island. But in the dead of winter Nantucket is a different place, where the reality is that not everyone will be a survivor.  Written and performed by Mark Kenward, and directed by Rebecca Fisher.